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Eaters" represents the▓ international background of the small potatoes. 7,000 years ago, people living on the South American continent began to eat wild potatoes 

as food; Peru was the world's first country to plant potatoes; colonists from Spain took potatoes from the Andes to Europe; around the Christ▓ian era 1621, potatoes, sweet corn and peanuts were introduced to China. Currently, China has become ▓the world鈥檚 largest potato-planting country. The museum also demonstrates the entire process of prod▓ucing potatoes, including detoxication, seed breeding and planting. The potato museum is located at the first floor of Xisen Potato Industry Group in Yanqing Country. It took the company more than two years to complete the museum at a cost of millions of y▓uan. China is the world's largest producer of potatoes and this humble tuber is the fifth most important cash crop in the country. But as far as history goes, the spud is a relative new▓comer, having entered the Middle Kingdom through the Silk R▓oute toward the end of the Ming Dynas▓ty (1368-1644). It is eaten on its own, made into starch and proces

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sed into noodles and it has more than proven its worth as a valuable food and cash crop. Nowhere else in the world - not even in it▓s native South America - has

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坱atoes play a huge role in Mongolian cuisine, and one of ▓the most novel ways I have seen it prepared here is a dish▓ of naked wheat noodles coated with mashed potatoes. Naked wheat is slippery and seasoning just slides off the noodles. Some clever cook decided to coat the ▓noodles with mashed potatoes, and it is t

ooking potato ▓ch ips, and potatoes from Holla nd suitable for cooking dishes. At the potato muse um, the most eye-c atching one is t he real exhibits. Vi sitors marve l at the dishes co oked using p otatoes and the hundre ▓ds of new pota to types that are displayed in th▓e cupboards. 銆€ Vincen t van Gogh 's famou▓s painting "The Potato 孟村回族自治县5G 莒南县5G 通州市5G 沧州市wap 凤台县5G 壤塘县wap 鹰潭市5G 衡水市wap 拉萨市5G 阿荣旗5G 苍山县5G 和林格尔县5G 长兴县wap 东明县5G 滨州市wap 上高县wap 石渠县5G 南漳县5G 临武县5G 射阳县wap 传奇私服挂机打元宝 热血传奇私服开服时间表 新开东北网通传奇私服 热血传奇私服客户端下载官网 传奇私服发布网刚开一秒 新开传奇私服网站1.96 传奇私服dbc2000 新开传奇私服刚开区 传奇私服微端无补丁 传奇私服安卓版下载